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book-The-Art-of-Fear-Free-Living“Hop on your magic carpet, take a deep breath, trust yourself
and let the magical awakenings begin.”

Prepare to embark upon a magical soul journey to discover, embrace, release, and celebrate the powerful brilliance of your inner Geni(us). Sprinkled with life empowerment tips, inspirational quotes and fearless living strategies, you’ll be inspired to summon your inner Genie and courageously grant your every command and the desires of your heart. The Art of Fear-Free Living is your gold-lantern moment to break free from the captivity of fear, re-create your life story and liberate your life and dreams.

The Art of Fear-Free Living: Awaken Your Geni(us)

In The Art of Fear-Free Living, Catrice’s first anthology, she shares the bitter-sweet stories of 11 courageous, ordinary women who conquered their fears through the power of enlightenment and self-love. These “fearless femmes” chose to stare fear in the face and say bring it on! Their heart-felt, uplifting stories will inspire you to wake up your Genius, release your Genie and begin living an authentic, fearless and simply delicious life!

Experience these magical moments . . .

  • Discover how strong, brave and wise you are.
  • Embrace the power of living in love instead of living in fear.
  • Move from paralyzed to passionate, powerful and purposed.
  • Receive the keys of clarity, confidence and courage to unlock your Genie.
  • Diminish the power of fear and eliminate its grip on your life.
  • Awaken the authentic, brilliant woman within and elevate to your highest self.

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