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Couture Natural Perfumer

JoAnne Bassett is a Luxury Perfumer and Royal Alchemist, Natural Perfumer, Teacher and Author. Her award-winning original and authentic fragrances are fine works of art. Her luxurious perfumes are composed of the finest essential oils and absolutes, which can be used daily to Reawaken, Resurrect, and Restore. Her exquisite botanical perfumes Reawaken the Spirit and the Senses.

As an aromatherapist, artisan and niche perfumer for more than two decades, JoAnne utilizes essential oils, absolutes, and botanicals with the intention to form highly energetic fragrances. A true alchemist, JoAnne enhances and energizes the properties of the oils with magical charges that work at all levels. Only JoAnne’s 100 percent couture natural perfumes can give the wearer these magical advantages by tapping into nature’s power.


JoAnne Bassett Perfumes is also a green company. When possible, she supports local farmers and distillers and uses sustainable materials such as wild and organic essences. She uses refillable bottles and reusable boxes. No phthalates, synthetic aroma chemicals, toxic chemicals, nature identicals, isolates, artificial dyes, parabens, or petroleum is ever used. She does not test on animals and her lines are cruelty free. She uses organic jojoba oil in her perfumes and organic grape alcohol from wine grapes for the eau de toilettes and eau de parfums. JoAnne believes her greatest gift is crafting life-changing Custom Bespoke Parfums for women and men. What would it be worth if your whole life could potentially undergo a miraculous shift in a week, a month or a year? What price would you pay? “In my 20 years of creating one-of-a kind bespoke perfumes, I have seen miraculous transformations in my clients’ lives,” says JoAnne. She says her gift of working with Divine energies enables her to blend precious oils to support and miraculous changes quickly and effortlessly. “Both my male and female clients have experienced miraculous changes in their relationships, finances, jobs and where and how they live,” says JoAnne.JoAnne Bassett offers these custom perfumes in exquisite “silver” and “gold” packages. All custom-made scents can also be ordered in your very own signature body care products.

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JoAnne uses fragrance as a tool to reach people and tap into nature’s power.

My perfumes awaken the beauty within™.

JoAnne teaches “Create Your Own Perfume” workshops, “Fragrant Flights”, and 4 hour Natural Perfume Workshops. The schedule is updated on her Natural Perfume Blog.

JoAnne Bassett
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