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Women’s Wisdom Global
Virtual Networking for Female Entrepreneurs.


Women’s Wisdom is the Premier Networking and Relationship-Building Group for Purpose-Driven and Soul-Inspired Female Entrepreneurs around the world. Entrepreneurial women love the buzz and success of other women. They find the creativity and movement exciting, inspirational, and they give back to help one another. Who wouldn’t want to get to know power women like that?

Virtual Networking, Guest Speaker, Breakout Room Introductions, Member Announcements, Sponsor Showcase, Gratitude Shout-Outs, After Party for Connections and Collaborations, Gifts and more!

September 10, 2020   (2nd Thursday)
10:45   Early Arrival Introductions 

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM   Virtual Networking & Speaker
12:30 – 1:00  (Optional) Extra Networking for Connection and Collaboration. 

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Debra Poneman is a best selling Author and Renowned Success Expert.

After spending the decade of the 70’s teaching meditation to thousands and studying with the greatest spiritual masters of the east, I immersed myself in the knowledge of the great Masters of western metaphysical thought and in 1981 founded Yes to Success Seminars, to bring then “radical” ideas like your thoughts create your reality into the mainstream.

Within a few short years my seminars were being taught in cities across the US and by my certified trainers in seven countries on four continents – before the days of the Internet.

My clients included Mattel Toys, Xerox, the Shaklee Corporation, Mary Kay, and more—at a time when it was not common for women to be hired as trainers. I was featured in print, radio and TV from coast to coast.

In 1983 my ground-breaking Yes to Success home study course became the first self-help product ever offered in an infomercial format.

Many of my students, most of whom started out with only a dream, went on to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires, NY Times bestselling authors, and even household names.

In 1988, true to my own teachings, I followed my passion and put my company on hold to become a full-time mom. Experiencing the daily miracle of being a parent to my two biological children and the numerous others who called our address “home” over the years, was one of the greatest joys of my life.

Since returning to the world of transformational leadership I have become a best-selling author and once again travel the globe teaching people how to say YES! to authentic and lasting success – and create lives filled with miracles!

Topic: Building Relationship Capital: The Indispensable Currency for Mega-Success.
Over three decades ago, Debra went from a simple idea to teach a success seminar to, within less than three years, creating a company that was established on 4 continents.  This may not be impressive in 2020, but this was in the 1980’s when communication was done by snail mail and phones with curly cords. FAX machines were not even in widespread use! How did she do it? Two words: Relationship Capital.  Hear Debra share her amazing story of success and how she was able to establish relationship capital around the world—capital that not only allowed her to launch Yes to Success in the 1980’s but to create a million+ dollar launch within a year of coming back after a 21 year hiatus…
  • Hear the story of how Debra’s son raised $50 million for his non-profit and got one of Hollywood’s top production companies to finance his Emmy-nominated documentary from using this concept of relationship capital
  • Learn why Debra was handed a guaranteed bestseller to write that combined the #1 TV show of all time and the #1 non-fiction book series of all time
  • Discover what not to do that is a relationship capital destroyer
  • Find out how to build relationship capital beginning where you are right now
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