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“The SoulCollage® practice is here to help people discover and take into consciousness information about the evolving and ever changing state of their Souls. It’s a way to embrace oneself and also discover ways towards balance. SoulCollage® is a mostly right brain way to grow into this consciousness, and I believe that is one great need in our world right now: to awaken and nourish the right brain consciousness of our population so it will balance the left brain achievements.”  ~ Seena Frost


New to SoulCollage?  How many of these speak to you?

  • Listening to the authentic voice of your own soul.
  • Use intuition and images to help guide your life.
  • Heal aspects of oneself in a gentle and profound way.
  • Connect to a generous and like-minded community .
  • Do something for YOURSELF for creativity & self-care.
  • Deepen your ability to practice this method with clients.
  • Think about the personal legacy you want to leave to your family or the world.

This is for those who are motivated to do self-discovery and are attracted to the opportunity of doing so in community with like-minded people. You will fall in love with this creative method, wherein you can make meaningful personal cards that represent the multi-dimensional inner self and use them as a gateway to your inner wisdom and answer your deepest life questions.


The intention of SoulCollage® is to offer a flexible, creative, and inclusive process that can be used as a practice for our own exploring, healing, and empowering evolution, so that you can manifest our SoulEssence (our unique potential) locally and globally in increasingly balanced, compassionate, and joy-filled forms, both individually and in community.

SoulCollage® is an intuitive process for self-discovery and community using images, intuition and one’s imagination. People make their own decks of collaged cards for their personal use from images found in catalogs, magazines or their own personal art, that at first glance draws them in. This is the beginning of The SoulCollage® process but the journey continues as you discover your unique inner/outer guides. Along the way you will explore and express your unique soul essence in its lightness as well as its shadow. 


All You Need Is Love & SoulCollage®
Spread more LOVE into your inner and outer worlds!
Each SoulCollage® card you create expresses a primary energy, and love is the most powerful energy of all.Collage cards representing love in different forms – embrace the universal energy of love, honor a person or pet you love, tap into self-love…the possibilities are endless!



Creativity and Illumination

We will explore and illuminate our inner landscapes through the creation and reading of our own personal Soul Collage®cards. Soul Collage® is an expressive arts process through which participants create collage images on cards that reflect aspects of our self and soul.  We then listen to the wisdom of these cards as they speak out to us. We weave these worlds together in the warm circle of community.



We will introduce you to a contemplative activity for discovering the personal significance of your cards. Enjoy this 3-hour workshop with inspiration and guidance with Judy Ann Foster, SoulCollage® facilitators. Join us for monthly Introduction Classes, Open Studio, Workshops and Retreats. Everyone is invited. Hundreds of new images available for repeat collagers.



Soul Collage Workshops
1st day  of each month in AZ
2nd Sat of each month in CA
Open Studio ~ Monday’s 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
All Materials provided & Refreshments, Drinks, Chocolate, Tea.
Self-Care Investment: $65.00 / $55.00 Repeat / WOSC Member $45.00 / $65 at the Door



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