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By Thalia Poulos, Professional Organizerthalia-poulos-professional-organized-organized-beautifully-carlsbad-ca-in-my-garden--300x168

Tending your garden is not just about growing flowers. It’s about taking time for things that matter to you, including nurturing yourself.

Getting organized is a means to an end.

What’s your end? What’s your passion? What inspires you?


20140719_145726-225x300My epiphany was when I made a decision not to be a workaholic anymore. Having been one for so long, I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Spare time? What did other people do? I watched and learned and asked a lot of questions. They did a lot of things. They knew what made them happy and spent time cultivating those things – relationships, health, sports, learning, family, community, volunteering, fun!

That’s what prompted me to become a Professional Organizer. I coach and guide others to move through the chaos and clutter, to set up positive lifestyle systems that make them more productive – so they can spend their valuable time and energy on what makes them happy.

I enjoy working with one charity in particular in my spare time — Habitat for Humanity. I like helping others donate what they no longer need. Clearing the space makes way for clarity, calm and bringing in new thoughts and ideas.


What’s getting in your way? Donate it.
What aggravates you? Fix it.
What inspires you? Do it.

Teaching community workshops at Habitat’s ReStore, I take people through the process of deciding what to keep; what to give away. And, we do talk about why it’s so difficult for many people.

Each person is encouraged to “bless this item and send it along to someone who will love it and use it!”

Thalia Poulos, Organized Beautiful

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