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Debbie_Ford-and-Judy_Foster-180x240There is a power, a creative spiritual force, that is beyond our human imagination. I call it “divine” because it can literally change the entire trajectory of our lives and rearrange our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our choices, and our future. When we trust that our best interest and the evolution of our souls are the Divine’s highest priorities, we will feel the spark inside of us, the spark that is always there driving us, urging us, and nudging us to evolve.

There is nothing to fear, because every single thing that is happening is happening to deliver us a lesson, an insight, or a key ingredient to bring us closer to our highest selves and support us in the evolution of our souls…whether we can see it or not, whether we believe it or not. The experiences that have challenged us are merely opportunities to know ourselves, to learn, to grow, and to step into the highest, wisest parts of ourselves.

So why can’t we see everyone and everything as God, as a part of the Divine? It is because we don’t see ourselves this way. We don’t think that our every breath is God’s breath. We think it is our breath. We don’t see every cell in our bodies as a divine cell, a part of a great organism that helps us to stay alive and carry out our soul’s mission. We don’t think that all our thoughts are God’s thoughts. We think they are our thoughts. We judge our negative thoughts as bad and wrong if they do not empower us. We can’t even distinguish our divine thoughts because we’re so busy listening to the negative thoughts inside our own minds. But without these negative thoughts, we would never have the impulse to improve ourselves, to try to be more than we are or to transcend our human nature.

We have to rewire our thinking. We have to break the pattern. We are in denial about so many things in life because we are in denial about our primary relationship — our relationship with the Divine. Denying our divine nature is what keeps us stuck in the negativity and limitations of our human existence. If we are to rewire our thinking, we must start from the beginning. We must find the divinity in every situation, circumstance, and experience. When we look through divine eyes, there is no judgment, no need to be righteous or to make ourselves wrong. We must be reborn right in front of our own eyes. To believe it is to see it, and when we awaken to our true essence, we suddenly have access to a divine self that is infused with power, strength, and courage.

When you connect with your spiritual self, a whole new world opens up. You can see situations in a new light. You can feel good even in the midst of a crisis. You can access a powerful source of wisdom that is unavailable when you are dealing only with your mind and what you believe to be the truth. So you must open this doorway and believe in yourself — your whole self — like never before. It is time to stand for all of who you are instead of just parts of who you are. It is finally time to open the door to the wisest part of yourself.

Transformational Action Steps

1. Make a list of the most memorable experiences you have had when you felt connected to a force, an energy, that you sensed was coming from a divine source. It could just have been a moment of complete exhilaration and being present to the perfection of the universe. What happened? Was it something you heard, saw, or felt? What did it feel like?

2. Identify a challenging situation happening in your life right now, and then tune in to the still, small voice within — the one that feels real, true, and full of wise love — and write down what it wants to say to you now.

3. After tuning in for divine guidance, take divinely guided action this week. Notice what opens up and shifts in your life when you use the GPS (God’s Positioning System).

With love and blessings,
Debbie Ford

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