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Women’s Wisdom Master Mind Sisterhood ww-logo-thumb-150

‘The Soul is Eternal – and each Soul travels from one life to another surrounded by companions, each helping one another to fulfill his destiny –  ‘P.Y.’



The Master Mind Principle 

The Master Mind Principle™ is a scientific method of focusing the power of thought for the specific purpose of establishing a think-grow-rich-women-180x271direct connection with the Master Mind. As a result, thousands of people have demonstrated dramatic, positive changes in their lives, and have experienced happy, successful living.

Through the Master Mind Principle you combine your own strength with that of at least one other person — as well as that of a Higher Power. The principle is based on an ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved.

The Master Mind Principle also teaches that other like-minded individuals can believe for you — AND ACCEPT AS TRUE FOR YOU – things you may find difficult to conceive or believe for yourself.

Women’s Wisdom Master Mind is based on the Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter.

10 Reasons to Mastermind. Are YOU Ready?

Mastermind groups have been growing in popularity for some time and are especially strong in the business world. Their ask believe receivereal magic lies in the “combined intellect” of people focused together on a specific problem or challenge. When everyone in the group brings their unique experience, ideas, and knowledge to bear on a stated agenda, there are no limits to the ideas that can be generated and the thoughtful support that can be offered.

A mastermind group is usually around 12 members – and is formed around an agreed-upon structure and vision. That vision pertains to something the members have in common, i.e., a career path, a life theme such as parenting or retirement, special interests, a religious orientation, a business goal, or even a book study.

The purpose of the group is to give each other support and hold each other accountable for all agreed upon actions.

Over time a bond develops between members, encouraging greater opportunities for growth as people come to trust the process and their fellow participants more. When members feel that others in the group believe in them, they can step into that affirmation with enthusiasm and with the understanding that they are part of a dynamic community.

Are you ready for masterminding?

Here are six key elements that are essential in anyone who wants to join a mastermind alliance.extraordinary-lif

  1. Commitment of time to attend scheduled meetings
  2. The willingness to be honest, open, vulnerable, supportive and accountable
  3. Non-judgmental acceptance of others and their ideas
  4. A sincere desire to grow in one’s personal or professional life
  5. The readiness to follow through on chosen actions.
  6. The integrity to hold confidences.


10 Top Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group

  1. Be part of a small, trusted community of people who want to create something new and better in their lives.
  2. Experience the thrill of creative brainstorming in a focused environment.Believe- always surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams
  3. Be held accountable for setting specific, actionable goals.
  4. Get more done in a shorter time frame as you consistently take action on your goals.
  5. Be challenged to stretch beyond your familiar, comfortable ways of things and acting so you can move forward quickly.
  6. Feel the positive energy of other people happily thinking your life or business with you.
  7. Have a safe place to explore how you are at cause in your life, career, relationships, business outcomes, finances, and more.
  8. Be encouraged to see and try new options and to reach for a deeper potential within you.
  9. Have access to immediately applicable guidance and information for your own professional or personal growth.
  10. Pay it forward! Give practical support and in-the-moment encouragement to others and help them achieve their goals.

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Final Note:

If you are seriously considering joining a Mastermind Group, know that you are about to venture into an experience that can make you a better person and a bigger, more visionary thinker than ever before. It can encourage and INSPIRE you to reach for true greatness and to achieve a deep sense of life satisfaction.

Participation in such a group should never be taken lightly. Curiosity is always appropriate; casualness is not, because others will depend on you to take full ownership of your part in the group.



Its Monday Be AwesomeMonday Morning Master Mind Meetings
9:00- 12:00 noon in San Elijo Hils, CA

Register online here 

In business and friendship,
Judy Ann Foster

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