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Women’s Wisdom Global
Virtual Networking for Female Entrepreneurs 


Guest Speaker:​ Debra Poneman

She is a recognized as a leading authority on turning back the hands of time. In her acclaimed course, aptly called “Ageless,” she shares that although chronological aging is inevitable, physical aging does not have to occur in the way we’ve been taught to believe.  Debra’s easy-to-implement tools can bring deep blissful sleep, a clear mind, unlimited energy, a strong and healthy body, and even slow down and reverse brain deterioration. 

Anti-Aging Secrets for Your Brain, Your Body and Your Bliss

Debra will share scientifically verified knowledge and tools to slow, stop, and even reverse aging of the brain and body. You will learn:

  • How to stop mental decline and have a clear brain and sharp memory into your 60’s, 70’s
    and beyond
  • The #1 secret for deep, rejuvenating sleep (you need deep sleep to slow down aging and be effective in daily life)
  • What types of exercise produces the greatest anti-aging effect and what types actually speed up the aging process
  • Which foods cause the worse inflammation in the brain and body leading to chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and weight gain
  • What science says is now wrinkling our skin more than sun exposure (and we all do this unknowingly every single day day)

Debra will also teach us a powerful breath technique that can clear your brain and release anxiety in under a minute!

For over 10 years, Debra and her co-founder of Ageless Seminars, Harvard-trained mind/body
researcher and published anti-aging expert, Ronnie Newman, have studied why some people appear to age more quickly than others.  They have uncovered astounding facts about aging and how the speed of age-related brain and body deterioration does not have to happen in the way we’ve been taught to believe. Debra will share these discoveries with you and how you can tap into the fountain of youth—naturally.

Debra is a best-selling author and has been an in-house trainer for corporations including Mattel Toys, the Xerox Management Group, Shaklee, and Mary Kay as well as organizations including Business and Professional Women’s Foundation and the Young Presidents’ Organization.  She’s appeared in print and live media throughout the world and on networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN.

Women’s Wisdom is the Premier Networking and Relationship-Building Group for Purpose-Driven and Soul-Inspired Female Entrepreneurs around the world. Entrepreneurial women love the buzz and success of other women. They find the creativity and movement exciting, inspirational, and they give back to help one another. Who wouldn’t want to get to know power women like that?

Virtual Networking, Guest Speaker, Breakout Room Introductions, Member Announcements, Sponsor Showcase, Gratitude Shout-Outs, After Party for Connections and Collaborations, Gifts and more!

3rd Thursday of each month
10:45   Early Arrival Introductions 

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM   Virtual Networking & Speaker
Optional After Party for Extra Connection and Collaborations. 

Virtual Networking: Zoom Webinar
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