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Women’s Wisdom Network is about creating strategic alliances to network for success. The more effective you are with your presentation to members the quicker you will develop the alliances you need to grow your business. At Women’s Wisdom no one is compelled to bring a lead to a meeting. Members work for each other through friendship and reciprocal favors rather than quotas. We don’t just make referrals — we get to know each other’s business strengths and areas of need to make QUALIFIED referrals for one another.

At every meeting, you will have the opportunity to make a one-minute presentation. Here are some hints on how to use your time to best advantage. These techniques work best when each member has been thoroughly educated in what other members need and what the other members are seeking in new business opportunities.


Outline for Presentations

  • Your name, role in the company, company name
  • Services or products that make your company special
  • What you are looking for
  • What qualifies a lead as successful
  • Your ideal prospect
  • Silence – Wait for members to give you ideas and leads

Example of a Presentation

I am Mark Jones, owner of Integrated Wealth Systems. I work with business owners who want to grow their business, increase visibility in the marketplace, and create effective business and marketing plans for unending success. My company specializes in working with small business owners who want to double sales in the next four months.

I am looking for company’s owners or decision makers in the Health Care Industry, who have great products and need marketing assistance. My ideal prospect owns the company, is located in my area, has 50 or more employees, and loves to make money.

Don’t make a sales pitch! Start with these guidelines when making a member presentation. The purpose of your presentation is to tell other Women’s Wisdom Members what you look for in a referral so they can guide qualified referrals to you. The better you communicate this information, the better your Women’s Wisdom Network will serve you!

In Friendship & Business!

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