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Is money the limitation you haven’t been able to get out of?

Access Consciousness™, a 25 year old self-improvement technique developed by best-selling author Gary Douglas, has some unconventional but practical tips you can use to turn your money situation around within 6-12 months.


Tool #1: Put away 10% of all money that comes in and never spend it.

This is the way for anyone to develop a situation where they actually have money in their life. If you’re wondering what the value is of having money without spending it, this tool is for you!

If the only value of having money is to spend it, you will never have money—only credit card bills.

Everyone has a specific amount of money that once they acquire it, will enable them to never worry about money again. That “set point” is different for everyone, and you’ll only know what it is once you reach it. If you don’t start, you’ll never reach it.

Tool #2: Carry in your wallet at all times the amount of money a rich person would carry.

How much would a rich person carry? Like the set point above, this amount is different for everyone. Whatever your amount is, carry it in your wallet—preferably in front of your spending money so you see it every time you open your wallet. When you see those hundreds in your wallet, you will literally be telling yourself, “I have money.”

If you’re totally broke and starting from scratch to accumulate your 10%, you are allowed to use some of your 10% to accumulate this “honor money” in your wallet.

It’s called honor money because it’s honoring you. The universe responds to what we honor by sending us more. If you’re the honorable person who always pays your bills first, the universe will honor you by sending you what you honor—more bills. Is that really what you wish to create?

Tools #3: Find out exactly how much it costs you to live each month.

The value of this exercise is that it keeps you current on how much to ask for. If you think your expenses are $2000 a month and you ask for that, when they’re really $4000, you will always be falling short.

Falling short each month is not “just getting by.” You’re borrowing that money from somewhere, so what you’re really doing is going further into debt.

For some reason, most of us tend to be wildly optimistic about what our true expenses really are. This can result in our asking the universe for what we believe we require instead of what we truly require.

Tool #4: Retire that credit card debt forever.

Credit card debt is a modern form of slavery. Some people actually believe that their credit rating or available credit is a measure of how much money they have. No, it’s a measure of how much debt you can create. How much money and other forms of wealth (that others find valuable and would pay for) is the measure of how much money you have. Period.

Divide the amount of credit card debt you have by 12. That’s the amount of additional money you must create each month to retire that debt. What would it take you to generate that much more money? How many hours of over-time, how many more clients, how many more private sessions? What would it take to generate that?

If the amount is more than you can imagine, you can divide it by 24 and get yourself free in 2 years. What would it take to retire it more quickly than that? What if it were fun to find out all the creative ways you could reduce your debt?

Tool #5: With everything you buy, ask, “If I buy you, will you make me money?”

This allows everything you buy to energetically support you. The universe is here to support you. But you have to let things know their job if you expect them to do it.

Making money is not a linear concept. It doesn’t only apply to selling things for more money than you paid for them. At the same time, recognize what things you buy, and whether they will increase or decrease in value.

If you buy clothing or modern furniture, its value drops about 90% or more as soon as you leave the store. That doesn’t mean you can never buy clothing. A particular outfit may make you feel like a million dollars, and that alone will bring more money to your personal financial party.

Also be very aware of things that eat—whether they are children, horses, or property with mortgages. They can contribute to your wealth—but brutal honesty with yourself to hear the answer they’re giving is necessary to avoid delusion.

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