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Entrepreneur Mindset: Take a deep breath right now!

INHALE: FOCUS and CLARITY and EXHALE: Uncertainty and fear. 

R E T R E A T   
(r-trt) n. a place of refuge for inner contemplation, learning and growth.

Judy Ann Foster ~ Extreme Self Care
Jutta Hect ~ Aryuveda Self Care
Tziphoria ~ Pathways to Living in Presence & Connection

  • Morning Beach Walk,

  • Yoga by the pool,

  • Meditation,

  • Brunch,

  • Health & Wellness Presenters,

  • Vendor Table Displays,

  • Door Prize Drawings,

  • Gifts and so much more!

Essential Self-Care ~
that which will truly nourish our essence, the deepest truth of us.

“Self-care is just this:
lovingly meeting ourselves exactly where we are and allowing things to be as they are.”

(The Book of SHE, p. 42)

     Judy Ann Foster   *   760.703.9941 

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