Sylvia Becker-Hill

Sylvia Becker-Hill
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Sylvia Becker-Hill is an award winning executive coach on both sides of the Atlantic. She has pioneered new coaching models and business concepts in Germany and successfully transferred her business to the United States during difficult economic times. As an executive coach, change strategist, trainer, public speaker and published author, Sylvia’s passion for life and work is contagious. She brings creativity and joy to all she does and leaves her audiences wanting more.

Sylvia was the first German “Professional Certified Coach” in 2002 endorsed by International Coach Federation in Germany. Inside the coaching community she is known as a former ICF Germany President, the first non-American (past) board member of ICF-Michigan, a workshop facilitator at coaching conferences in the mid-west, a frequent author for CHOICE-Coaching-Magazine, a speaker around neuroscience and money at telesummits.

She holds an M.A. in Philosophy from the Heinrich Heine University in Duesseldorf and a B.A. in Administrative Science from the College of Public Administration in Cologne. She is since 3 years an adjunct faculty member of a Swiss Business College teaching students the art of remote-coaching.

Sylvia is the author of the forth coming book: “Sexy Business Sexy You. How to turn Shame and Guilt into Wealth for Others and Yourself.” The first brainsmart business handbook for female spiritual driven entrepreneurs. Nearly a dozen members of women’s wisdom network are participating as “sexy case studies” in her book which will be published summer 2014.

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Sylvia Becker-Hill, Dipl. Verw., MA Phil, PCC
Executive Change Strategist and Neuroplasticity Trainer

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