Pamela Stephens

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Go deeper into healing then you have ever gone before. DNA healing cuts through all of the subconscious resistance to healing, and remove blocks quickly and easily. Subconscious patterns are rooted out and removed, and truth is instilled to the strands, allowing the body to heal itself. I am one of only 7 DNA healers worldwide certified using Universal Intelligence.

I am also one of 3 DNA healers on a new TV show entitled “Ask Ui”. This show is showcasing cutting edge healing to a global audience, it reveals what is possible when you find the root cause of a problem, removing the beliefs that form the illness, relationship problem, or business struggle.

Truth is what heals, and being connected to the Field of Consciousness that surrounds us all allows me to find YOUR truth, so that you can permanently heal, make massive shifts forward in your enlightenment, and step into your true power.

I have a global mission to raise consciousness on the planet, and I am part of the Consciousness Challenge, it is a free event for 30 days that teaches you how to quickly and easily connect to your Inner Wisdom/Higher Self/ Soul- which ever resonates with you. You are first taught how to connect during a free workshop online, then you are emailed 1 question per day for 30 days to ask your Higher Self, to help you raise your consciousness. To start, go to our company website, join our free membership, and watch the workshop “Knowing”. From there you will be automatically connected to the challenge!

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