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By Barry Friedmanblog-article-30-days-no-sugar-01

You mean the title of this article didn’t scare you away?
Excellent – that means we have something to talk about.

First, I want to thank Judy for giving me the open door to speak with you for a moment. She said men have been sneaking into the live meetings in San Diego and now I’m here in the newsletter and blog. I promise to be helpful, and not to leave the toilet seat up.

In just a few weeks from today, I’m going to celebrate my two-year anniversary of being sugar free! It started on a silly whim – Leap Day 2012 when my son asked me what I was going to leap. We had just finished eating big bowls of frozen yogurt and I felt kind of sick so I answered, “sugar”.

And I don’t know about you, but when I tell my kid something, it’s locked in. Non-negotiable.

At the end of that sugar free day I was so excited for having done something that seemed so extraordinary, yet wasn’t really all that difficult. Before going to bed I decided I was going to continue and do 30 days sugar free.

That 30 days ended on April Fools day and I joked that I was going to continue on and do a year sugar free! It was right before going to bed that I asked myself, ‘why not do a year sugar free?’ After 30 days the detox had finished, the addiction was gone, and I was completely on autopilot with sugar free eating and snacking.

I should also add that I had dropped 12 lbs, was sleeping through the night and dreaming for the first time in decades, my wrinkles had lessened, my wife told me that she saw me ‘in conversations instead of just being at conversations’, and my anxieties were gone. Was it possible that all of this happened in just 30 days sugar free?

I still haven’t yet been brave enough to test it!

In the summer of 2013 I connected with a long-time friend, Michele Rothstein, who had also been sugar free since February 2012. We created a 30 day online coaching and support program and have helped thousands of people find what physical, emotional, and spiritual changes are waiting on the other side of 30 days sugar free.

I’m trying to think how many people joined us believing that they could do it. Oh wait – it’s coming to me… oh yes, ZERO! In fact, the first reaction most people have is, ‘I could never do that!’, and I get it. At first this sounds about as enjoyable as memorizing Morse code, memorizing Pi, or listening to a kid’s first bagpipe lesson!

There are glorious days during that first week. The first few pounds to drop, the first great night of sleep, the oral sparkle as the taste buds begin their natural renewal, and the pride gained by eating from choice, instead of habit.

There are also moments where shaking, crying, and the feeling of wanting to crawl out of your own skin will take center stage. Most people are more addicted to sugar than they’d guess and during the first week your body will send a number of poignant memos!

To read testimonials from just a few of those who have done 30 days sugar free, and lived to tell about it, click here.

The real gift of 30 days sugar free is this: when it’s over you are, for perhaps the first time in your life, free of the addiction and influences that have kept you unconsciously coming back for more and more. And from that place, you can make an honest decision about the future of your relationship with the sweet stuff.

blog-article-30-days-no-sugar-02Barry Friedman is a 4-time World Juggling Champion, husband since 1987, and father since 2002. He lives in Grass Valley, CA with wife Annie (sugar free!) and son Zed (not even close to sugar free).

To learn more about the program or free resources he and Michele have developed, visit 30 Days Sugar Free.

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