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Terese Santos

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Debby Eubank is the Founder of Niche On Purpose, a program that aims to transform the lives of women from uninspired, inauthentic, and unprofitable, to purposeful, inspirational, and abundant. Her intuitive gifts allow her to see your path more fully, enabling her to guide you through letting go of the path that is not serving you and moving you powerfully into your passion life and work. She believes living your authentic life’s purpose is the way to fully stand in your power and beauty, attracting all the good things life desires to give you.
Debby Eubank, Niche On Purpose   http://debbyeubank.com


Cassie-Nevitt-151x180Cassie Nevitt is the personal presence expert for women who tend to shrink from the spotlight, but want to present themselves confidently. When it comes to helping clients develop the presence for successful networking, sales conversations, speaking and video, she’s the industry expert.

Cassie has 4 years of experience teaching The Art of Feminine Presence™ and 8 years teaching strength and confidence through movement. She has led workshops, trainings, and a successful networking group for women entrepreneurs in the Chicago suburbs, and is excited to share this work in her new community of San Diego.    Read more: Cassie Nevitt


Christina Hills

sponsor-23-ChristinaHillsChristina Hills
Christina Hills is a speaker, educator, mentor, and an Internet Marketing expert to non-techie entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build an online business using WordPress as their website, without being held hostage to a webmaster.  Read more: Christina Hills


sponsor-37-Rebecca-Bell-MassoudRebecca Bell Massoud
Business + Life Coach
For more than 20 years, Rebecca Bell Massoud has worked with organizations and individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. She is a Certified DreamBuilder Business and Life Coach through the Life Mastery Institute and an inspirational speaker.
Read more: Rebecca Bell Massoud


Karyn Greenstreet

sponsor-53-Karyn-Greenstreet-120x120Karyn Greenstreet
Passion For Business, LLC
Small Business Coach and Mastermind Group Expert
Karyn Greenstreet is the President of Passion For Business, LLC.
Karyn is an internationally-known speaker, author, and self-employment expert who has taught business and personal development topics to over 260,000 people worldwide. She is extraordinarily passionate about helping self-employed people to create the life and business they want.  
Read more: Karyn Greenstreet

Judi Bryan

sponsor-24-JudiBryanJudi Bryan
Organic Lifestyle and Nutritional Coach, Chasque Messenger. Creating a Vibrant & Sustainable Life Style with Wild Crafted, Organic Nutrition & Skin Care while Sustaining a Living Rain Forest.
Read more: Judi Bryan


sponsor-13-LisaKalisonLisa Kalison,  Discovery Screening
Discovery Screening, an Advanced Medical Thermal Imaging company dedicated to “Saving Breasts and Saving Lives” using the most advanced Thermographic equipment, methods and procedures. Lisa is a Certified Clinical Thermographer, Certified Professional Health Consultant, and has spent 35 years researching and practicing Natural Health and healing methods. Lisa’s passion for health led to her certification as a teacher and course leader for Total Health Mastery, a series of courses and certifications in the newest, scientifically researched and proven data in a system of health education training. Read more: Lisa Kalison